Precious resource of water.

Get students to think about the precious resource of water by holding an essay contest with a water theme. Challenge the youngsters to write about where the water they drink comes from, ways water is wasted, and how it can be conserved. Give a “Make Every Day Earth Day” Tag With Chain to each student who completes an essay; use Organic Cotton T-Shirts as prizes for the best essays.

Ask youngsters to brainstorm.

Ask youngsters to brainstorm things they personally can do to care for the Earth. Have each person choose one activity and write it on a paper cutout of a leaf. Round up discarded tree branches; arrange them sticking out of a container to resemble a tree, then attach the paper leaves. When you unveil your creation, give students “I Heart The Earth” Clip-On Backpack Pledge Cards to sign and keep.

Earth Day message into the streets.

Take your Earth Day message into the streets. First, help students create signs with environmental slogans on them, such as “Go Green!” Tape a ruler to each sign to make a handle. Then distribute “Plant The Seeds Of Earth Care” Seeded Paper Bracelets for the students to wear. Lead everyone outside to march around the neighborhood, waving the signs.

Reduce By Reusing

Lead students in brainstorming ways to cut down on their use of disposable items. For each type of item they can think of, challenge them to find an alternative. For example, paper napkins can be replaced with cloth ones and paper cups can be replaced with sturdy, reusable plastic glasses. To get these youngsters started on putting these ideas into practice, hold drawings for “One Planet, One Dream, Go Green” Recycled Water Bottles and “One Planet, One Dream, Go Green” Non-Woven Shopper Totes.

Carpooling For Recyclables

Perhaps your town doesn’t have a curbside recycling program, but does have locations throughout the community to drop off recyclables. Make it easier for families of your students to take advantage of this system by letting them bring items to the school. Then recycling won’t involve a separate stop for them. Recruit volunteers to take turns hauling the recyclables to a drop-off location. Launch this project on Earth Day. Give “I’m Cool, I Recycle” Buttons and “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” Silicone Bracelets With Pledge Presentation Card to your volunteers.

Meaningful Map

Create a visual aid to illustrate how humans are making more trash than they know what to do with. Begin with a box from a refrigerator or other large appliance; flatten it. Draw the Earth’s continents on it and color them green. Color the rest of the cardboard blue. Show your students this image. Then have them gather “clean” trash, possibly things that have accumulated in their desks, backpacks, etc. Help them glue the trash all over the Earth. Ask them to step back and see how the image has changed. As a reminder, pass out “Handle With Care” Laminated Backpack Tags and “Handle With Care” Heat Sensitive Pencils.

Songs And Sun

Think big when you think Earth Day 2011. Arrange an outdoor concert that features bands performing family-friendly music. Tie the concert into Earth Day by powering the equipment with solar energy. For advice, contact other organizations who have held solar-powered concerts. During the concert, throw packages of “Earth Day Rocks” Rubber Wristbands out to the crowd. As everyone leaves at the end, distribute “Earth Day Rocks” Temporary Tattoos.